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The Carmichael Family Offering to You
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We start'um young at Wedge Tent.

     The Wedge Tent Quarter Horse Ranch, so named for a uniquely shaped butte on the ranch, has been the home of three generations of Carmichaels. Good horses have always been critical to a well run ranch. Nothing can equal the work versatility of a good ranch horse, for rounding up, feeding and working the land.
     Over the years of filling our ranch needs we have refined our brood mares and studs to meet the needs of today's riders. We give special attention to disposition and conformation. We have good ranch horses with the ability to do anything or go anywhere. Our goal is to fill the specific needs of that special cowgirl or cowboy.
     Whether you are looking for a rodeo companion or a dependable cow pony that can be relied upon to cut cows, cross creeks and do what you need - when you need it - we believe you will find it here.

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