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Welcome to Bethesda Lutheran Church and School 

Church phone:  605-745-4834
  School phone and Fax:  605-745-6676  



 School Supplies List For Bethesda Lutheran School

white glue, water color paints, (2) glue sticks, Markers in a Ziploc bag,
color pencils in Ziploc, box of tissues, disinfecting wipes, an extra set of
clothes & underwear, book bag or back pack.

Junior Kindergarten:
Same as P.S. plus 1 pocket folder, small school box, package of #2 pencils, 3 large white or pink erasers, scissors, small blanket, primary journal, 2 boxes of 8 crayons Crayola.

Kindergarten:  same as Jr. Kind.

First and Second Grades:
(2) spiral notebooks(wide rule), Journal or Primary journal
(1) ruler with centimeters and inches marked, (3) pocket folders
(2) white glue (ex.:  Elmers), (1) box of tissue (Kleenex or Puffs)
water color paints, disinfecting wipes (1) per family
(1) small school box with:  2-3 glue sticks, a package of pencils, 3 large erasers, scissors, and pencil sharpener
In quart size Ziploc bags:  1.  crayons  2.  markers  3.  color pencils
Book bag or back pack.






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