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There is a non-refundable registration fee of $150.  Tuition Fees are as follows:  

monthly tuition fee (beginning in September) of $200 for non-member students in grades K-2;  members (refer to policy below) have a monthly tuition fee of $135 for grades K-2,  The tuition fees that are charged each month do not cover the expenses of a childís education at Bethesda Lutheran School. For this reason, it is expected that parents contribute their time and talents to the school in addition to their money.

$75 Registration Fee and $160 a month

Tuition for the month is to be paid by the 15th of that month. Any variation from this payment schedule must have School Board approval. It shall be the parentsí responsibility to contact the Administrative Assistant or School Board President prior to the due date to request an extension. Extensions will be granted only in extreme conditions. If tuition is not paid by the 15th of the month, a payment reminder will be sent in the Monday Envelope on the first Monday following the 15th. If payment has not been received by the last Monday of the month, the Administrative Assistant will contact the parent/guardian to create a payment schedule so that tuition costs may be met. Bethesda Lutheran School reserves the right to terminate admittance to the school if parents repeatedly fail to pay their tuition by the due date and fail to contact the School Board President or Administrative Assistant regarding an extension.

BLS is committed to the idea that no child will be denied simply on the basis of financial need. Families who indicate financial need will be handled on a case-by-case basis with the end goal being to provide every option available to allow the enrollment of the child. Parents and guardians requiring financial assistance should contact the Administrative Assistant.


Because students who are children of Bethesda Lutheran Church members attend Bethesda Lutheran School at a reduced tuition rate, it has become important to define the term "members." A "member" with regard to reduced-tuition status for a child attending Bethesda Lutheran School shall be:

At least one blood relative who meets the requirements set forth in the Articles of Incorporation for a communicant member.

At least one guardian who meets the requirements set forth in the Articles of Incorporation for a communicant member providing:

1) The guardian is the primary care giver for the child.

2) The child resides with the guardian.


Members waiting to transfer from other LCMS congregations will be considered communicant members of Bethesda if they held communicant status at their previous LCMS congregation and have requested that Pastor write for a change of membership to Bethesda Lutheran Church.

People who have expressed a desire to become members of Bethesda and have begun attending Pastorís adult instruction class will be considered communicant members providing:

1) They miss no more that three classes during instruction.

2) They become communicant members after completing the class. 


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