Official Constitution of Bethesda Boosters

Article I. Name

The name of this league shall be the Bethesda Boosters Parent-Teacher League located at Bethesda Lutheran Church and School in Hot Springs, South Dakota.

Article II. Purpose

The purpose of the Bethesda Boosters shall be:

To assist parents and teachers in achieving greater competence in Christian child training;

To develop a better home-school-church partnership in Christian education;

To promote Bethesda Lutheran School in our church and community; and

To raise funds for school needs that will benefit our children.

Article III. Policies

In keeping with its purpose, the Bethesda Boosters program shall be primarily educational and shall be developed by the group along lines suggested by the National Lutheran Parent-Teacher League, the congregationís Board of Christian Education, the District Education Task Force, and the Board for Parish Services of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

Article IV. Membership

Membership in the Bethesda Boosters shall be open to:

Any communicant member of Bethesda Lutheran Church; and

All other parents who have children enrolled in Bethesda Lutheran School.

All members shall be entitled to participate in all the activities of the Bethesda Boosters and shall have the right to vote. In order to carry out the objectives of the Bethesda Boosters, there shall be a majority of the elected officers who shall be communicant members of Bethesda Lutheran Church.

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