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 Fall is here. The trees blaze in adornment with majesty of brilliant color. Th.e warm breezes blow whistling their tunes of sleep to come and there is a picture of contentment everywhere we look. The Thanksgiving table will soon be set with all of its trimmings and Norman Rockwell captures the moment for all to enjoy. -- ----- The larger question, however: Have we learned to be content?

Leaving that serene fall landscape and the thanksgiving setting, we know and realize that many in the world, maybe even one or two of us, live in perpetual discontent ruled by circumstances. Paul writes to the Philippians that: "whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or want" he has learned to be content. And the reason he has learned to live in contentment is because discontentment always spells trouble. When we live in. discontentment there is never enough, we're always wanting more; more profits, more wages, more possessions, more....more....and more. When we try to be self-sufficient and self satisfied, what we're really seeking is a false contentment. The Stoics used the Greek word for contentment to describe a life-style of wanting little and not caring, which basically meant, that both a desire to and feelings for were eliminated simply by an act of the will. Now that sounds pretty good I suppose except fbr the fact that self-imposed contentment robs us of joy and peace.

The Apostle Paul describes true contentment as Christ-sufficient and Christ-satisfied. He writes: "I can do everything through him who gives me strength." Jesus was content to do the Fathers will. Me came to earth in some difficult circumstances where the forces of hell were pitted against him. Yet, He could enjoy the lilies of the field, sleep peacefully in a stormed tossed boat and stand silent before his tormentors.   - As we celebrate Thanksgiving and our fall season, let each of us learn the meaning of true contentment, doing everything through Christ who strengthens us.

     Yours in Christ,                                                                                                  Pastor Jake


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