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 In teaching his disciples a lesson, Jesus told them: “You call me Lord and Master…..etc.”  Now, like those disciples, most of us really don’t have a clue as to what Jesus meant here.  You see, to have a master and to be mastered is not the same thing.  To have a master means that there is one who knows us better than we know ourselves.  We usually don’t like those terms ………. Master, or Lord (ruler), simply and mostly because we don’t like being told what to do.  Actually, in thinking that, or even saying it, is what convicts us of it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Lord never has enforced obedience. He doesn’t work in that way.  At certain times we all wish God would master us and make us do what he wants.  In other moods we wish he would leave us alone, but he doesn’t do that either.  The words ‘Master’ and ‘Lord’ have little place in our vocabulary these days.  We much rather prefer the titles of Savior, or Sanctifier, or Healer.  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  If our idea is that we are being mastered, it usually is sure proof that we have no master.  And, if that is our idea about Jesus, be assured that we are an awfully long ways away from the relationship he wants to have with us.  Jesus wants to have a relationship in which he is easily the master without our even being aware of it.  All we need to know is that we are his, we are loved, and we want to be like him.



  Yours in Christ,                                                                                                  Pastor Jake


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