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 Well, here we are again …………………………just about another full year come and gone.  In just a few weeks this world is going to be celebrating an important day.  Of course, if you’re a Christian, you know what day that is. (Christmas)

Out of curiosity, I was wondering how many of you have shared this story with someone this year? ………………. The Christmas story, that is.   The story of Jesus the baby turned into the story of Jesus the savior.  If you are a Christian, you have a full agenda for this holiday.  Like each year, we hear and listen to the shepherd’s tale of a manger side experience; we hear again the angel tidings and we are transformibly  mesmerized by Christ into sharing the Good News with family, and friends, and neighbors, and co-workers.  And just like those shepherds, we speak only because God has spoken to us in Christ, and through his word empowers us to share with others that same story.  And the beauty of it is, that in each telling, we are strengthened to share more of the good news story. 

So ………………….. Go share the story of how Christ was born.   Go share the story of how Jesus saved you.  You are the only one who can tell it just exactly the way it happened for you.  A very merry and blessed Christmas to you all.



                                                 Yours in Christ,

                                                 Pastor Jake 


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