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In the 2nd book of Peter we find him telling us to: “make every effort to add to our faith goodness, and knowledge, and self-control, and perseverance, and godliness and kindness, and love’” and I suppose, if he had enough room, he would have added a few more for us.  Here in this verse, the word “add” is an action word.  It means “the character of the believer”, if I can say it in another way.  You see, no-one is born either naturally or supernaturally with character; nor are we born with habits.  That character and those habits are formed on the basis of new life that God has given us in Christ. 

        It seems to be, at least in our own minds, that we were created and brought along in faith by God for some exceptional thing.  What we fail to recognize is that, for most of us, we were not especially meant to be illuminated versions.  Instead, God may use us in the ordinary common stuff of life to exhibit his grace and love.  Too often it has been proven the great hindrance in spiritual life that we look for the big stuff. …………………………………………………… What was it Jesus did?  Oh Yeh! ….. He wrapped a towel around his waist and began to wash his disciples’ feet.

      Most of the time there is no illumination and no big thrill, but just the daily round of things…… …… the common tasks.  You see, ‘routine’ is God’s way of saving us between our times of inspiration.  He does that so we can learn to live in the drudgery of things by his power.  It is the “adding” that becomes difficult.  We all the time say and think that we do not expect God to carry us to heaven on the flowery beds of ease, yet we continually act as if he should.

We need to learn and understand that it is, in the drudgeries of life that, these touchstones become the character of a spirit filled man or woman.  We need to learn and understand that the tiniest detail of obedience to God has within it every bit as much omnipotentance as Abraham’s obedience when God used him as an illumination.   May God bless us all in the drudgeries of life so that we can add to our faith.


Your’s in Christ,    


Pastor Jake


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