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 Have you ever felt like you weren't "going anywhere? You remember starting out with enthusiasm and a vision but soon encountered discouragement and danger or perhaps fell into a dull routine when for every step forward it seemed you took two backward?
Well, I don't think you and I are the only ones who have felt that way. I've read accounts of many people who have felt that way more than once in their life. The Lewis and Clark expedition experienced "going nowhere" when they tried to row their huge flat-boat up the Missouri River. The Israelites experienced "going nowhere" when they excitedly left Egypt but found themselves boxed in by the Red Sea and the desert, with Pharaoh's army converging in upon them. Seemingly trapped they cried out against God and quickly forgot about him In their mind, they were "going nowhere".
Somehow this all sounds too familiar to us. And just as God instructed Mosses to stretch out his hand over the Red Sea so the waters would part allowing the Israelites to pass safely to the other side he also strengthens, guides and directs us in our daily lives. You see, God is leading his people somewhere.
So when your down and feel like you're not getting anywhere remember that God's grace makes the difference. God sent his Son Jesus as "the way". He does lead us and if we allow him to he will lead us right into heaven. Now, what was that part about you
feeling like you weren't "going anywhere".

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Jake

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