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Just about this time every year, we as Christians, observe what we know to be Pentecost. Now Pentecost is always celebrated 50 days after Easter and the story seems strange with the crowded room, the rushing wind, the tongues of fire and all the people from every nation hearing the disciples speaking to them in their native languages. And sometimes we wonder what it all means……. or to be more definite, what does it all mean for us today?

Well, Jesus' words give meaning to this event, back then and yet for us today.  He said: "You will be my witnesses."  Since Jesus would soon ascend into heaven, he intends for his apostles to be the earthly witness of his resurrection and he sends them to all the ends of the earth to proclaim the good news. It's a tremendous challenge and the disciples stand there confused, weak and afraid.

The purpose of Pentecost remains the same for us. We are Jesus' witnesses in our homes, next door, at work and in our community.  What a challenge! And we, like those disciples, hesitate, rationalize, stumble and waver with fear.  And for exactly the same reason, God makes available to us the very same power that came to those disciples back then.  Those disciples were emboldened to bear witness. Uneducated, sinful, and afraid the Holy Spirit transforms them into unashamed witnesses who can do nothing but speak about the things they have heard and seen.

So, what about you? Are you afraid, uneducated, and sinful?............  So were those twelve Yo-Yos who God picked to start the church.  He didn't leave them without resource to his power and he won't you either.  There are no excuses when God has called, commanded and equipped.   So go share Jesus with someone.


                                     Yours in Christ,

                Pastor Jake                                             



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