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                               Some History Stuff about Lent

Our Lenten Season begins on ‘Ash Wednesday’ and   lasts for 40 days. (excluding Sundays which are always considered feast days that celebrate the resurrection)  The word “Lent” originally meant “spring” and it was understood to be a time of reflection on baptism and its basis in the death and resurrection of Jesus.  Lent, is therefore, a time for rebirth and renewal in preparation for the celebration of Easter.  The traditional color of Lent is purple because it suggests somberness and solemnity.
Basically, Lent got its start, or should we say, derived from the preparation of candidates for baptism.  By the middle of the fourth century candidates for baptism fasted for 40 days, at least in Jerusalem, and during that time they were catechized.  The length of the fast (40 days) was suggested by several Biblical prototypes: Jesus’ fast at the beginning of his ministry; Mosses’ stay on Sinai; The forty years of wandering in the wilderness and a couple of others.
After the legalization of Christianity in 313, the period of preparation for baptism became a general period of preparation of all Christians for Easter.  You and I can also prepare ourselves for Easter during this yrs.’ up and coming Lenten Season. May God’s grace so shine on each of us that we all may know his mercy and live the radiance of a new life on Easter.

 Yours in Christ,
 Pastor Jake

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