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I was driving down the street one day and noticed the sermon title for that week on a churches bulletin board:  It was entitled “Tarrying the Good News”.   I thought that a bit unusual so when I got back to the office I started digging into the text, which I found to be Luke chp. 24 in the King James translation. -------------------------------- Now after his resurrection, Jesus wanted his disciples to carry the Good News of his death and resurrection to the ends of the world.  But first, he wanted them to “tarry” the good news ………………….. that is, to wait until the Holy Spirit empowered them.

Now you see, those disciples, with all that was going on, were confused and scared.  During this period of waiting, or “tarrying”, they had opportunity to reflect on all that Jesus had taught and done for them in the past three years.  They began to see that the Old Testament scriptures explained Jesus as the crucified and risen Messiah.  When the time came (after their tarrying), they were able to speak adequately and deliberately about what they had learned and about what they were still learning concerning the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

And, I sometimes wonder;  Do we “tarry” the Good News?  Do we sometimes fall short in carrying the Good News through our daily witness because we fail to spend adequate time in the scriptures?  You see, through worship and individual and group Bible study we are given better ‘tarry’ time than we most often afford ourselves.  As his followers we need to “tarry” over the good news and savor it and relish it.  We need to talk it over with each other and in prayer and meditation give God praise for it. ………………………… Then!, empowered by the Holy Spirit, we can faithfully carry the Good News to a world or a community or a family who is at hunger and thirst for it.  Just like those disciples, we too, can develop an ongoing rhythm of tarrying and carrying the Good news.  May God so bless us all.


                                     Yours in Christ,

                Pastor Jake                                             



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