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 These days and in our culture, we place great value on outward beauty. Teenage magazines emphasize good looks and big personality. Men and women of all ages work, sweat, diet, and exercise to remain trim and avoid those wrinkles. And as far as the aging process goes, well, cosmetic and
fashion companies find expensive ways to cover it all up and make us appear more vibrant and beautiful than those morning mirrors show us to really be. In short, we emphasize skin-deep beauty.
Israel's first king, King Saul, was an attractive man for his day maybe even for our day, but in the long run of things, he too, was only skin deep. Shortly after becoming king he showed his real colors when he disobeyed God more than just a couple of times.
Soul's skin-deep beauty and inner ugliness should make each of us take stock of our own situations. Are we guilty of devoting major attention to our outward appearance while neglecting our relationship with God? Do we get so good at covering up physical blemishes that we just automatically cover up our sins against God and others? In all honesty, we need to confess a beauty of heart that is only skin-deep, deserving only the label of ugly.
Here is what we need to know and remember God knows our hearts and He sent his Son, Jesus, to die for our sins. In effect, He covers-up our sin with Jesus' righteousness. So you see, there really isn't any need for you or I to cover-up anything; as if we really could anyway. As his children, we have no need to concentrate on a beauty that is only skin-deep. Time and talent and money spent to that end is worship of a false God that isn't going to help you or I look any better than we really are anyway.  May God so bless us with his make-over.
  Yours in Christ,
  Pastor Jake

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