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Bethesda Curriculum 

Bethesda provides a core curriculum that includes Reading and Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Journaling, Art, Music, Library, Physical

Bethesda’s multi- level Classrooms allow teachers to give each child the support and encouragement he or she needs to thrive. We offer a rare combination of caring teachers, small classes and volunteers for personal attention.    A developmental approach in teaching is used to integrate subject matter.


Preschool: We provide an environment that creates the security children need to explore and experiment. Our goal is to instill a life-long love of learning along with a quest for knowledge.

 Bethesda’s pre-School  uses "One In Christ" from Concordia Publishing House.  This faith-based curriculum offers a holistic(Integrates all subject areas)approach to Language Arts through the Bible stories.  This curriculum uses all modes of differentiated learning to reach all types of learners.

 Junior Kindergarten:  Under construction

Kindergarten - Grades 1 & 2:  The Kindergarten through Second Grade Language Arts programs offer both literature based Reading and strong phonics based Reading and Spelling programs.  K-2nd Social Studies are incorporated into the "informational text" portion of the Language Arts.

Kindergarten and First Grade use the Saxon Math series.  They travel through lesson 30 of the following grade.  Saxon provides a very strong foundation in numbers and excellent handwriting experiences.  Second Grade uses the Bridges Math.  This helps them be prepared for and make a smooth transition to the public school.  Bridges Math is about manipulation of objects to strengthen understanding of numbers, addition and subtraction up to 999.

K-2nd Science includes hands-on learning activities to make it our favorite time of day.  Many creative times, trade-books, and online videos also add to the Science program.


MUSIC – Justine Gricius and Marianne Allen co-teach the music program.
Lynn Michelle (B.S. in Music Education) also aids them in any way possible.
The students have standards-based instruction along with performance/service
for Seven Sisters (Nursing Home) and the State Home (assisted living and nursing home).  They visit each each place once a month and share songs and faith with the residents. 


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