2009 FOALS

""Horses of Thundering Hooves Arabians are well-known for their great spirit and gentle temperament."


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Allussive Gold ss
(Ala Arabi Synshim x Passion Rose)    Barn Name : Tupper
The Matriarch of Thundering Hooves Arabians

AKA Tupper, started Thundering Hooves Arabians back in 1993, she will be 28 years old March 31, 2009.   Tupper, is the one mare of my dreams she is 14.2hh and has a heart twice that size, we have been an item ever since my husband traded his 1989 CB 900 Honda Motorcycle for her for me as a gift.  She was bred in Rapid City, SD and was sold over and over again and  ended up in Texas, as luck had it she came back to Rapid City as a free horse with a couple of other horses this fellow bought.  My Husband Mike and I had just moved to SD from Port Huron , MI a couple of years before this and were settling down in the Black Hills area.  We seen an ad in the newspaper for horses for sale, out of curiosity we checked it out and from that moment on history was made.  We took a look at the horses offered for sale and this really fat, as she was tall, short fuzzy Arabian horse came up to us.  Her feet were as big as dinner plates and the only farrier she had seen was to be turned out into a pasture of slate rock for trimming (she wears a 00 shoe now).  She was brought up from this pasture to us to see and she was ill mannered and you could tell she did not like the guy walking her.  She stopped right in front of me so I could check her out.  As I looked her over I could not help myself but to look into her big beautiful and kind eyes.  That was it, I was sold, she had eyes that told me take me home you won’t be sorry and I will love you forever.  Well she never lied to me and we have done everything together from riding the mountains to barrel racing, pole bending, western pleasure, working cows, driving, pulling poles for fences and teaching kids to ride along with teaching people what the Arabian Horse can and will do for you. 












We have won our share of trophies and ribbons and Tupper also won
her share of hearts along the way, she also graced me with two fillies who have also won in the show ring. This is one of those mares that would do anything for you, and if you asked for more she always had a little more to offer, just for love and affection and she has given that to me freely.  Tupper is truly a one of a kind and she will have a home with me until the day we must say good-bye.  I thank God everyday for the love, companionship and friendship of this great animal.  Tupper is now retired and goes for rides once in a while with me or friends just to get out.  A lot of people know this mare and I have turned down numerous offers to sell her, she has earned a place in my heart and can never be replaced.

 She has a short head with teacup muzzle, and a body like no other AND a personality to go along with everything.  I really feel with impeccable breeding, the foals from this mare will be priceless.  This mare is a full sister to TH Safars Juhara and a half sister to TH Safars Hottoddie.  In her first show she placed third in Halter mares and second in Liberty with only two months training. Very smart and a fast learner, Mystiq will be started under saddle this year. I cannot say enough about this mare and her loving attitude".

Allussive Gold ss
(RHR Safar x TH Majik Moment)    Barn Name : Mysty
"A Treasured Mare of Thundering Hooves Arabians"

Brenda writes, "After selling her mother, TH Majik Moment, my heart was left empty and now Mystiq has filled that part, but we'll never forget her mother".


Allussive Gold ss
(Solder Boy x Black Shadow)   
This mare has been chosen to mate with the Timeless Icons of the Egyptian World!
*Exotic Beauty and Strength backed with a World Class Pedigree*

  This mare was hand picked for our Color Program.  We wanted the most beautiful Egyptian bred mares to incorporate into our breeding program.  Dream of Egypt WNG is a Mare that dreams are made from.  She is an almost black Liver Chestnut. She is tall, her structure correct, with beautiful legs and feet and a classic head.  She is athletic with a beautiful ground covering trot.  Her pedigree is an added addition to our program.    She is Al Kamsa. She will be bred to our Cremello Arabian Stallions as well as our purebred Stallions.  She also carries the gene makeup to produce for us those beautiful Blacks that are so coveted being out of black breeding stock.  So we can breed her excellence in many colors.  Black, Chestnut
and Palomino...she has something wonderful to offer. 



 Dream of Egypt WNG is exactly what her name says.....We dream about the foals that this mare will put on the ground. They will be classically beautiful.    Her Purebred foals and Half Arabian foals already have quite a following...as we wait with anticipation for them.  This is a mare to watch.    

Allussive Gold ss
(Harakka [Anaza Bay Shahh] X PH Moniet [El Hilal])   
Barn Name: BINTY

 The horses in the pedigree  of this beautiful mare are well known by everyone in the show ring and out and need no introduction. 
Her  grandsire, Anza Bay Shahh, is a beautiful Bay Stallion at Simeon Stud in Australia and everyone knows of the legendary horses produced from this farm.
Binty is approx. 98% Egyptian and will match perfectly with everyone of our stallions that we own and have access to. 
From her beautiful exotic head to her floating trot to body that reeks REGAL.
Binty will be bred to Allussive Gold SS and confirmed in foal before she leaves New York to come out West. 
We are hoping for that beautiful approx. 91% Buckskin filly for 2012 to add to our breeding program of highly bred beautifully colored foals, yearlings and older mares and fillies.
Thank you Fredrick and Cherie from P8N Acres Arabians, I hope we can do you proud.







PHOTO by Rumonek Arabians


Allussive Gold ss
(Taj Amir Hamaal x Alys Bintica)   7/8 Arabian Palomino Mare

We are pleased to announce that we have had the opportunity to be able to bring into our herd of fantastic Broodmares another beautifully pedigreed Palomino mare that will help us with our out cross blood to be able to be bred to all our stallions and match with our pedigrees.  This mare will be started under saddle  and possibly shown in 2011.  She will also have the privilege of being the first mare bred to TH Allussives Reflection for an Approx. 87% Arabian Palomino/Cremello foal.

We would like to thank Cheynne from Rumonek Arabians in Leonidas, MI for making the decision for her mare to come to South Dakota.  We are honored that she holds us in such high esteem for our breeding program to trust her beloved mare to join the ranks of Quality.


Allussive Gold ss
(MJD Corona de Oro x Khemos Klass Act)  

We have found the perfect Buckskin mare to produce the Perfect Perlino Colt with.  We would like to introduce Coronas Keepsake….she is a half sister to our Legendary Stallion Allussive Gold ss.  We feel the prepotency of Allussive Gold ss has put our breeding program on the tips of everyone’s tongue and we are trying to keep it there with the addition of this beautiful mare.  She is an accomplished Western Pleasure Horse, winning her classes in Youth.  Keepsake is 15/16 Arabian or 93.75% Arabian and is registered as Half Arabian and Pinto Horse Association.

With the magical background breeding of her sire, MJD Corona De Oro and her Dams, Khemos Khlass Act this mare was breed to deliver us the Perlino Stallion we have dreamed about.  It has taken us a long time to find a mare worthy of carrying our next Legendary Stallion of Color. 

In 2011 this mare will be bred to Allussive Gold ss to produce a foal carrying approx. 87.5% Arabian blood to produce (Buckskin, Palomino, or Smokey Black).  Visit us often to see how the future unfolds.  We thank Jamie Fox of Tamar Arabians, Ltd for handling all of the negotiations and to the owner Kelley Dowding, who we promise to keep in touch with and let her know everything this mare completes or competes in the foaling barn or show ring.




“We are so very pleased to announce our congratulations to Coronas Keepsake and Susie Siminar who as a pair brought home the ribbons, this was Keepsakes first show since she came to live in SD.  Keepsake was ridden to a 1st in Western Pleasure Novice Rider, and a First in Hunt Seat Novice Rider by Susie Siminar of Custer, SD.  It was held in Hermosa, SD at the Black Hills Pinto Horse Association Horse Show August 14”. 

Way to go team!!!!





Allussive Gold ss
(Cinnamon on Ice x Rhinestone's Song)    Barn Name: Carny


TH Carnival On Ice – AKA Carney is a beautiful chestnut mare with height and action and after the filly she gave us this year she definitely will be added to our list of brood mares and started under saddle.  Her sire, Cinnamon on Ice, has a pedigree that goes back to CH Carnival Queen. Triple Registered...NSH, PtHA, and IAHA
 Pictured with 2008 Palomino filly by Allussive Gold ss (being retained by THA) See more photos below of TH Simply Gold below .



Allussive Gold ss
(Rhinestone Dude x Gai Raindrops)    Barn Name: Stormy

"Stormy" is a beautiful Chestnut mare with the substance to handle anything put in front of her.   Stormy is broke to ride and drive and has placed in local competition in both Driving and Liberty classes and why not? ; standing approximately 16 hh, she has a pedigree that is well known an she has some astonishing lineage.

We like to at least prove our worth with our mares, we feel that they need to be proven just like the stallions they are bred to.  Our stock is just not proven, they have foals, they are proven in passing their traits we love so much, plus adding the beautiful gold color.  Not all breeding farms can make that statement.




Allussive Gold ss
(Ravenwood Liquid Gold x Simmone    Barn Name:  Bahiya

hundering Hooves Arabians' newest acquisition for our pedigreed color program.  She comes to us from California. 
AKA Bahiya, is predominately Egyptian bred and is going to become a new mare for Allussive Gold ss to produce beautiful guaranteed Palominos. 




63/64 Palomino Filly
Blondie has blessed us with a cremello
colt in 2008.  See him


This 63/64 beautiful Palomino mare is a treasure to own.  She has the personality and conformation to already hold a High Point Award at the age of 3 for Western Pleasure and has numerous wins in Halter and Western Pleasure at different shows…..before we ever decided to breed her for those respected and revered special gold babies.   This mare was bred for the show ring as well as a brood mare.  Now it’s her foal’s time to shine.  Watch for the incredible foals from this mare  Behold the shining of the GOLD!!! 

TH Precious & PAA Precious Exotic Star (filly)


Allussive Gold ss
(Ravenwood Liquid Gold x SK Emerald Fire)   Barn Name:  Blondie

After long deliberation we have come to the decision to let the light of my life go.  CW Gold Surprise has been sold to P8N Acres Arabians Owned by Fredrick Peyton and under the supervision of Daughter Cherie Middaugh.
Surprise will be sold confirmed in foal to Allussive Gold SS to carry on his legacy in Pine City, New York.
Cherie  & her Father owned TH Precious, a daughter of Allussive Gold SS, who recently was lost on December 11th 2010 and the whole family was devastated.
TH Precious did leave behind the first granddaughter of Allussive Gold SS an approx. 95% Arabian Palomino filly named PAA Precious Exotic Star.  A
beautiful gem to behold to add to her breeding program. 
Cherie  & her Father also own TH Allussions of Gold a full sibling to our Designed In Gold DDS.
Cherie & her Father believes in everything we do  in our breeding program here at Thundering Hooves Arabians and I could not be happier to see our
guiding light take on a new life in New York with the stallions that Cherie & Her Father owns.  Cherie also does well in the show ring and with a new beginning in New York, Allussive Gold SS get are making a name for themselves in all corners of the USA from California to Michigan and fromKansas to New York, not forgetting to mention his champion winning get in Canada.
Since we have kept 3 siblings from CW Gold Surprise and Allussive Gold SS it is time to broaden the color programs of some of our most dedicated breeders
and share the best we have with them.  We will miss our girl but know she will be taken care of and loved, what more can you ask for.
As we bid Surprise ado we open another chapter in Thundering Hooves Arabians Elite Dilutes and Double Dilutes and wish Cherie and her father the best of
luck and hope for the healthiest Cremello/Palomino foal they have ever had.



Allussive Gold ss
(Northstar Tophat LL x Rhinestone's Song)   Barn Name:  Sneaky
Sneak Preview Has Been Leased for 2010 Breeding Season

eserve Champion Jackpot Filly in her first showing! She is a Tobiano Pinto Medicine Hat with great breeding: Niga, Raffon, Morafic and RG Al Mone. This filly guarantee's color.
She is half sister to TH Majik Moment and TH Inspiration.


AKA Sneaky – is a daughter to North Star Tophat LL and this is also the first time ever she has been advertised for sale.  Time constraints and workload must be cut down for me since I work all the horses by myself for the most part and take care of the ranch and I work a full time job outside of the house also.  This is my last Pinto mare I have and I am retiring from the Pinto color.  I still have Pinto Registered breeding stock mares only by my stallion Allussive Gold ss.  I would be willing to sell Father (North Star Tophat LL) and Daughter ( TH Tops Sneak Preview) as a pair to start somebody out in a Pinto breeding program. 

This mare sells as a brood mare ONLY.  She is not broke to ride although she has had the saddle on her back and the bridle in her mouth.  She has a fantastic disposition and personality and has had 1 foal, a palomino colt by Allussive Gold ss.  Tophat and Sneaky ARE NOT Homozygous for spots.  She has been shown, trailered, bathed, clipped, trimmed by farrier and halter broke.  Sneaky is 9 years old.




Allussive Gold ss
(Headman's Mejo Mijo x Maria Starshine)   Barn Name:  Pearl

~¼ Arabian and ¾ TWH
She is registered in the Part Tennessee Walker Registry. 
earl is highly bred in the TWH world and the Arabian world.  

he will produce babies of size and substance for all disciplines of riding as can be seen by her first foal TH Ice Princess that sold to Canada . 

Thundering Hooves Arabians  will strive for the best of all worlds for Pearls progeny of dilute or double dilute colors.


Allussive Gold ss
(Allussive Goldss x TH Carnival on Ice)   Barn Name:  Honey
Born April 24, 2008     21/32 Palomino Arabian Filly  
66% Arabian/34% Saddlebred

This filly will be retained by Thundering Hooves Arabians for our breeding and color program.  With the pedigree, style and grace conformation and personality this filly should out produce herself in every foal.
This filly has the sweetest personality
of any of our foals and we are proud to retain her for our program.

TH Simply Gold is back in the saddle for the 2011 Show Season

 May 1, 2011 Pinto Association Show:

1st Pinto and Breeding Stock Halter
Open halter mares 3 and 4 years
2nd  Jr. horse (5 and under) Hunter Pleasure
2nd Novice horse Hunter Pleasure
3rd Jr. Horse (5 & under) Western Pleasure

Not bad for the first show of the season and her first show in the adult world.

Way to go Honey.  We are proud of you.




See Some Videos of Honey Just click below:

Video 1

Video 2



Allussive Gold ss
(Judah's Golden Tribe x Sheza Dun Sugar)   Barn Name:  Sugar

Sugar is a 3 y/o Perlino filly.  Sugar has champion reining lines in her pedigree and  her lineage on the sire side of her pedigree traces back  to the famous racing thoroughbred, Man O’War (which as a child, I was infatuated with).  She also has a very pretty head and is a very refined filly that we have searched for, for some time to fill the spot to add on for our Perlino program.  We feel adding her bloodlines to Allussive Golds will compliment the foal in such a way that we shall breed our perfect Perlino stallion.


Sugar will be our foundation filly alongside Coronas Keepsake and Bint Moniet for our Perlino program and  beside our Cremellos, Palominos and Buckskins of exceptionally high percentages of Arabian blood and our Purebred Mares. 



Allussive Gold ss
(Allussive Gold ss x CW Gold's Surprise) 


      TH Essence of Gold is a Allussive Gold ss daughter.  She is beautiful, feminine and refined.  We have decided to breed Essence back to her Father Allussive Gold ss for one of the most beautiful Type Set foals for our program.  After very careful scrutiny and a lot of research we found Essence to be the perfect mare for Allusive Gold….Her off spring will be outstanding.  Bred back to her Father we are concentrating his blood and all of his strong qualities and beauty into the foal.  Not every horse is a candidate for inbreeding for a Type Set foal.....but Essence has all the beauty, temperament, type and Athleticism that we want in our horses, just like her Sire.  We want to keep all those qualities in our stock.  So we hand picked TH Essence of Gold as one of the corner stones of our program.   We believe that the Mares bred to our Stallions must be of the finest quality. They are the Foundation of any successful breeding program.  Stay tuned to see the beautiful foals we have coming.  We are creating our own "Home Bred Stock" with a beautiful unique TYPE all their own.  Their beauty will turn heads.  They Got the LOOK!!!!

Allussive Gold ss
(Allussive Gold ss x TH Barbie Doll)   
Cremello Filly ~ Approximately 41% Arabian
Born June 7th 2009



The mating between TH Barbie Doll and Allussive Gold ss has done it again.  Another extremely beautiful Cremello filly.  Designed In Gold DDS (AKA Sweetie) is our first filly to be added to the Double Dilute Specialist program, so this tells you what we think of our foundation stock from this mare.  This filly has some big shoes to fill and some beautiful babies to produce for us.


      ~June 2010


We think this filly is even more exotic than her sister was.  She has every feature of the Arabian about her, large nostrils, dished head, short back and the Arabian carriage that everyone knows so well.  We are thrilled to announce that this filly will be retained in the DDS program as one of our foundation fillies.  We have explained to everyone we are not only breeding color we are making our own breed and we are not rushing to see how many we can put on the ground.  With precision pedigrees our stock will out shine the rest.   So if you have been there and done that, then come over and try us out.


Isis DDS

(Allussive Gold ss X CW Golds Surprise)
Born April 25, 2010 2:22 AM


My pride and joy has been born.  The filly I have dreamt about and studied for….for a such a long time, and have longed for.  I know now that I have done something right and created the most beautiful thing God could let me do.

I would like to introduce ISIS DDS Approx. 90% Arabian Cremello Filly, she is the first, in a long line of firsts for her to complete.  She is flawless and moves like the wind. She is as gentle as a newborn baby.  She is strong and healthy and will carry our next generation of Colored Arabians to even greater heights.  She will float in the show ring and capture everyone's heart that see's her. Finally the long wait has paid off.  Through heartaches and triumphs she was definitely worth the wait. She is the epitome of what our breeding program is all about.  She is destined for Greatness.







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