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 Allussive Gold ss
(MJD Corona de Oro x Unforgettable ss)    Barn Name : Casper

Allussive Gold ss is ready to service your mares!
Imagine the possibilities! Contact
Brenda for stud fees and scheduling breeding appointments.

Allussive Gold SS Stud Fee 2010
Quality Purebreds, Half Arabians, and Non-Arabians: $1,200.00
Booking Fee: $300.00 (Non-Refundable)

ny funds from outside the US must be paid by Money Orders or Cashier’s Check;

100% conception rate for 2009, Allussive Gold is veterinarian certified as a fully intact breeding stallion with exceptionally high motility. If you have any questions, please contact Fall River Veterinary Clinic at 605-745-5716 or Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic (605) 342-7498 .














~ EVA Clear!
~ SCID Clear!
~ CA N/N: Normal.  Horse does not  
   possess markers associated with CA
~ Color Guarantee Every Time!

e ship fresh cooled semen and Casper's frozen semen will be available beginning this year.  Due to the risk of injury and him being a one-of-a-kind stallion, Casper will no longer be 'live covering' mares. Semen collection fees and shipping charges will be paid by the mares' owner. Questions or wish to visit about Casper? Give Brenda a call.
605-424-2722. No answer, leave a message and your call will be returned.

P   ~ Photos by Full Moon Photography (Copyright Protected)

Don't waste productive years and not achieve your goal. Casper will dilute any color he is bred to the first time and every time, and will add type at the same time (cannot guarantee a gray mare)






MJD Corona de Oro MJD Cuervo Gold Doncliff's Comet Juronimo Fadjur
Bar Sonia
Ginah Islam 
Friends Kouros *Marhaba
Friend's Echo Friend
Salt Water Taffy
Sonoma Tasha Pobendinsky Nadejni Nabeg
Polosa Suvenir
Sonoma Spring *Srnadom Muscat
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Unforgettable SS Ravenwood Harrah RG Al Mone Alcibiades *Rashad Ibn Nazeer
*Bint Moniet El Nefous
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HA Salinahh Artes Soufian
MTN Blond Bombshell Ru Saad Milk Fa Saad Fay El Dan
Morning Star
Ru MalikaSabbah Ru Egyptian Day
Bint Gammousa
Paint Horse Assn.

Allussive Gold ss
(Allussive Gold ss  x cw Golds Surprise)    Barn Name : Levi



TH Allussives Reflection, AKA Levi is approximately 90% Arabian in blood and it shows with his finely chiseled head and refined features, and carries the classic Allussive hip and neck that we all have come to know.  You got to see him as a weanling….At this time it gives us great pleasure to Introduce our yearling son of Allussive Gold ss and let you judge for yourselves.

A spectacular colt, breath taking and refined, structurally correct, with that Wonderful Temperament that Allussive seems to pass onto all his foals. 

 With the beauty that Allussive Gold ss has put on the ground in the last few years….I would not expect his son to be any different.  As can be seen Levi is coming of age to step up next to his father or go on to greatness….this will be determined soon enough.   In 2008 we had the Magnificent 3 on the ground and they will be hard to beat (Allussive Gold ss, Behold Gold WNG and now TH Allussives Reflection).  We will have standing choices of stallions in the future for your color and pedigree breeding programs, we are proud of the fact that we are building our herd from the ground up.

The King of the Cremello Arabian in the United States & Canada (so far) (Allussive Gold ss) has proven himself as a prepotent stallion for the qualities we hold so high.  My partner and I are thrilled to see our dreams come true and the hard work and the sacrifices we have made were well worth it. 
At this time Levi will stand at stud when old enough….next to his father at Thundering Hooves Arabians.  This will be the only Father Son Arabian Cremello Team to stand at one farm in the United States.   Because of our high standards, COLOR, is the very last thing we look at, here, at Thundering Hooves Arabians. 



Some things in life are worth waiting for.  Impatience can ruin even the best of plans.  Just like a Fine wine waiting to be presented, it will not make its debut until it is the best it can be. 


TH Allussive's Reflection will begin Halter Training and Conditioning this winter with Wind Dance Farms.  At this time a video and photos will be completed for the world to see.


Since Behold Ice Gold WNG will not be coming to South Dakota and will not be standing at stud until his show creer is well under way, we have come to the decision that TH Allussives Reflection has more then met our Standard as an upcoming breeding stallion. He is 90% Arabian, and looks it.  After watching this fantastic colt grow, we decided that he met all the criteria for starting a Quality Arabian bred Color program and we have decided to retain this colt for our own purpose and breeding program….TH ALLUSSIVES REFLECTION IS NO LONGER FOR SALE TO THE PUBLIC



Allussive Gold ss
WDA Orion [Simeon Shai+]  X  CR Zahra Dahmah [Back to the Egyptian Prince]  

Thundering Hooves Arabians has added to our lineup of stallions Trinity Odysseus who will be adding the blood of Simeon Shai+ , who needs no introduction in the Arabian World, to our breeding program of distinct color and pedigrees… "

 We feel Allussive Gold’s foals will cross very nicely with the added blood of Thee Desperado and Simeon Shai+ and then the added plus of color will top off our breeding program. 

2010  Stud Fee: $800.00 Purebred
                               $450 for Half-Arabians.
Transported semen available this summer!

~ EVA Clear! 




rinity is a Simeon Shai+ grandson and is a Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa, Pyramid Society stallion, a deep liver chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail that already has show wins in Halter under the age of 2 and is now making a name for himself in the breeding shed.  We welcome Trinity Odysseus to share our farm right alongside our other stallions of distinct color and breeding.   Stay tuned Trinity is being bred to three mares this year and we can't wait to see the results!



Reference Sire

Allussive Gold ss
(Thee Desperado x Chelima)
Owned BY :  Rocking heat Ranch ~ Loren and Nancy Lee Wight
*Has made the list of Juvenile Sires according to the Arabian Horse Times


In 2004 I went to Rockin Heart Ranch to meet Loran and Nancy Lee Wight and especially my dream Black Stallion RHR Safar.

On the spot when he came out of his stall I knew he was going to become the Black in my program.  He was magnificent but yet so gentle.  His Conformation and personality was one I could not pass up….the pedigree can not be beat.  RHR Safar is Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa and a son of the great Thee Desperado, who is well known in the Arabian world.  The photos of RHR Safar shows the kindness and alertness of a great stallion.

The Wight’s took me into their household and treated me as if I really belonged there….This started my journey into the black side of my program long before I had the mares I do now.  But I knew I had to have RHR Safar in my color program and he was going to become a very valuable asset for me.

I now have mares with the gene makeup to produce Black foals as well as Chestnut and Palomino….and now the stallion of quality to use on these mares.  RHR Safar also produces Chestnuts with flaxen manes and tails from light to almost white….another plus to our color program.

RHR Safar is a Halter Champion, Sport Horse In Hand Champion, Performance Champion as well as being ridden in Dressage now.  We feel he brings with him these outstanding traits to our very special mares.  I now own 2 daughters of RHR Safar and they are a joy to be around and I could not be happier with their first foals and look to having many more.

With RHR Safar’s foals sold all over the world….he has made his mark in the Arabian world….plus the mark on my heart. 

With the purchase of a Lifetime Breeding to RHR Safar….A new journey is about to start and it now includes RHR SAFAR as one of our breeding stallions in our program along with the very best of friends Loran and Nancy Lee Wight owners of Rockin Heart Ranch.  Our thanks go out to everyone involved with Rockin Heart Ranch for this fantastic opportunity to be part of this champion stallion.


Reference Sire

Allussive Gold ss
(Magnum Psyche x SX Sheba)


 Invinssible (nicknamed Your Royal Highness) is a son of the world known Multi - National Champion Stallion Magnum Psyche and is full brother to Maximuss a U.S. National Futurity Colt and now U.S. National Halter Champion and Magnum Esq. who was named 2007 Champion Gelding at the prestigious Scottsdale show.  Invinssible now stands an impressive 16+ hands and has matured into a very well-proportioned, substantially built stallion.   His coat is a lustrous deep liver chestnut, and he passes that dark unusual color to many of his foals.  He has large kind eyes, short back and wonderful disposition.   With 5 foals on the ground and 2 of them already SDAHA Futurity colt winners (Half and Purebred Arabians) he is starting to pass on his good looks beautiful build and his sire’s show ring appeal to his foals.  Invinssible has a strong pedigree, with *Padron on sire and dam's side of his pedigree. He definitely looks the part!

With the foals he has put on the ground so far we now can visualize what types of mares and pedigrees Invinssible will click well with.  We expect big things from this stallion.
Invinssible does not stand at public stud, but breedings may be available at times from The Invinssible Group. If interested, you may contact Ilona McDill ( tomani@gwtc.net or 605-673-4792 ) for further information.



Thundering Hooves Arabians has agreed to help publicize Invinssible and has, in fact, purchased a lifetime breedings to this magnificent stallion adding his pedigree to our lineup of fantastic mares.  We feel the stallions of quality we have put together over the years will enhance our breeding program and bring the true Arabian type and looks to our horses.  I am proud to announce Thundering Hooves Arabians will also be sole handler of this magnificent stallion along with Cheroke Gold and looking forward to the many years of breeding quality colored horses like no other.   

Thundering Hooves Arabians anticipates working with Tom and Ilona McDill owners of U2 Ranches.  Photos of Invinssible will be appearing soon as U2 Ranch gets them taken.



Reference Sire

Allussive Gold ss
(Thee Desperado X Aliamaara)

Cheroke Gold   (Photo by Full Moon Photography)

Cheroke Gold is one of the easiest stallions I have ever had the honor to work with….he loves working with people….he can stare a mare in the eye and stand until the command is given to mount a mare for breeding….but even before he does he asks permission….he is a beautiful Chestnut stallion with a flaxen mane and tail, this guy is more than flaxen; his mane and tail is almost white.  Cheroke Gold is Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa and is a Thee Desperado son along with being double Rumanaja Ali bred. We anxiously await the arrival of his first foal on our ranch in 2010.  This stallion has impeccable quality, conformation and pedigree and did I mention color.

Cheroke Gold is owned by Tom and Ilona McDill and U2 Ranches in Custer , SD Tom and Ilona are long time friends and co workers of mine and I am very proud to be called friend by them.  They have bred for numerous foals out of my Stallion and I have bred to their stallions.  It is a working relationship that is very gratifying for me.





I am proud to announce I will be the sole handler of Cheroke Gold for the breeding seasons to come.  It is like Cheroke and I see eye to eye and he listens to every command he is given.  He is also magnificent in his own way but so very gentle.  Again I cannot express the conformation and personality of this stallion along with his unbeatable pedigree.  When Cheroke Gold was delivered to my place before he went to Custer I knew I wanted to add him to our color program also.  Cherokee Gold has won numerous Halter classes and even picked up a high point award in 2008 in Rapid City , SD again he has the qualities and traits we love in our stock and he will also become a valuable asset in our program.  He will offset different attributes and compliment every mare we breed to him.

With being able to breed to Cheroke Gold….again our journey will continue with Arabian stallions that have a pedigree for Beauty, Conformation, Personality and Quality.

Our Thanks go out to U2 Ranches and Tom and Ilona McDill for the opportunity to be able to work with and be able to breed to such a fantastic stallion.



First Time ever advertised since I have owned him and regretfully we must part Tophat is now 11 years old.  I have owned North Star Tophat LL since he was 5 months old has been shown since the early age of 10 months old and has been in Local, Class A and National Shows.   He has won Champion and Reserve Championships and placed in all types of shows and has earned halter points. 

Allussive Gold ss
(Ravenwood Gamal x Lost Treasure)
Registered 1/2 Arabian (75%) and PtHA

Tophat does not stand to public stud, but frozen semen is available. $600 / breeding
*Bloodlines:   RG Al Mone, Lost Treasure, and Morafic.
*Credentials: Tophat placed in the Top Ten for Stallion Halter at the Pinto Horse Nationals and has won numerous trophies and ribbons for Halter Classes, adding 13 Halter Points to his record in the Pinto Horse Registry.
Offspring:  TH Tophats Sneak Preview: This "showy" stallion's first foal took the 2001 Reserve Jackpot Filly Award at the Rapid City, SD Horse Show at the early age of  5 months, and she went on to win in Liberty Class and Yearling Filly.
If you are looking for a stallion with pizzazz, along with an awesome neck, then contact Thundering Hooves Arabians.   605 424-2722 or

He has extensive Halter training, has Western Pleasure training and just started under Hunt Seat.  He also has 1 year of Reining training under his belt by champion trainer Don Ulmer.  This horse, while with me was in training to head to Pinto World Championship Show to become an all around horse.  Tophat has also worked around my place pulling poles for fences and clearing areas for new foal pens.  Due to time constraints and cutting down on workload I have finally come to a very heartbreaking decision to sell my friend.  I will still have frozen semen for sale from Tophat until sold out.  Discount to show home only.





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