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Johnny J Powell

White River Area Sale Day! May 31, 2008
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David Powell : Powell Family History
Featuring lines from Powell (Powers in some places) / Portiner or Portenier / Ambur / Roberts / Ormesher / Schulte / and all the lines that tie into this... Let's Connect this Web!
Portenier Family Crest
Portenier Crest - Guardians of the Gate or Watchers of the Door

Looking for a great hunting service in south dakota?
check out ?Outfitters for a great service, home cooked meals, and some great hunting on the South Dakota Prairie!

Johnny J Powell : misc. stuff that Johnny finds interesting....
And our local re-enactment group Shire of Coldedernhale
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Jem Page NOTE JEM was released on DVD in March of 2004 by Rhino!

My Life's Story by Laura Ebbesen Patnoe Kirsch

Newbie Notes for those new to the internet and email... rough copy....

American Legion Otterman Post 94 and Frontier Days!
KINI FM Radio "The Voice of the Rosebud"
Shire of Coldedernhale
Western Artwork of Dakotapokes

Want to help promote the donation programs? You can use these PDF signs! Little Books for Little Readers or Prom Princess Project


If you would like to help make a difference in the lives of children and teenagers I am organizing three projects that I hope to continue year to year:

First is an I Love to Write Week Celebration at the local high school:
This can be viewed at: Write Week 04
I have always used writing as an outlet and this can be a very intimidating prospect for many students, it is my hope through the write week that they can find the courage to try writing and hopefully find that they love it. This week generates excitement and encouragement through the contest held through out the week that encourages students to try their hand at writing... prizes are writing related and donated by many wonderful companies and individuals who love writing as well and want to encourage the next generation. Volunteers who work in writing related fields are also more then welcome! We want to give the students a "big picture" on where writing can take them! Please check this site out.

Next is a new project... the Prom Princess Project!
If you have prom dresses, or even fancy evening dresses, shoes and accessories that you don't know what to do with this is your chance to donate them and make a difference!
Prom dresses and accessories will be accepted in order to offer them to young girls in the community who might not otherwise be able to afford them, and might miss out on the wonderful once in a lifetime prom that every young girl should experience. Please view this page for more information and contact info for those who would like to help out. The Prom Princess Project!

Third is a smaller project that comes straight from my heart... Little Books for Litte Readers this is not official or sponsored... this comes just from seeing tiny little doe eyes and sad little faces that tell me or my mother (a teacher) here on the reservation that "they don't get to read at home because there are no books at home". This strikes me as the upmost tragedy.... I grew up with a dresser drawer full of Golden Books and mom read to me every day... I feel that EVERY little one should have a pile of books to pour over and learn to read with.
I'm asking you for help in this... Little books for Little readers... beginning readers and those who have the hang of the small words that are thirsting to keeping reading.... if you have any spare books that your little one has outgrown please contact me... Books ranging from a Pre-K level to teenagers! If we can start a collection then I will be able to give them away whenever mom or myself find a little one that is thirsting to read but has no well from which to drink... If we can get enough we can set up a building and a day where everyone can come choose a book of their very own to have and read! (remove the nospam from the email address) Contact me at jemgirl at for my contact information if you have any books you can send.

Thank you for all your support.... the Internet is truly a wonderful thing bringing people together and making it easier to help people out... I believe it brings us just a little closer to the way society should be... everyone taking care of each other...

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