This building is the Chicago Northwestern Depot built in 1906. This was also the year the railroad was built into Midland. It was purchased by the Midland Pioneer Museum Association in 1974 and moved from its site along the railroad tracks about six hundred feet to the southeast.

In homestead days it served the people well. Hundreds of homesteaders passed through this depot. For fifty years, the mail came in and out of Midland as well as hundreds of tons of freight were dispatched by perhaps a score of depot agents.

The outside of the building has not been altered. It is as it was in 1906. The brick on the walk are the same brick that were laid on the railroad platform.

The building and contents are dedicated to the preservation of the life styles, tools of the trade, the joys and hardships of our pioneers.

  • Homestead shack.

  • Pioneer machinery.

  • Articles used before and after the turn of the century.

  • Pictures of persons and events relating to the historical past of the surrounding community.
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    Railroad Depot Museum

    Two steel buildings of exhibits

    Country school

    Claim shack

    Historical bank building

    Pioneer machinery and more

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