We are located in the Southern Black Hill of South Dakota. Our love for the breed has prompted us to raise and offer only the finest quality Australian Shepherds for your consideration whether it be for a wonderful loving companion or a show, herding or breeding prospect.

We are dedicated Aussie lovers who participate in various dog related events and we breed only to produce quality Aussies who conform to the breed standard. Our dogs are healthy, intelligent, loving and socialized. 

The Australian Shepherd originated in the United States. They range from a shoulder height of 18.5 to 22.5 inches. Their coat ranges from medium to long with a dense undercoat. This dog is intelligent and eager to learn. It is loyal and bonds closely with the family.  This dog is generally good with children and other pets but they can be shy around strangers.

Relatively little grooming is required, however a good combing is needed when shedding. Training is easy because this breed learns quickly and easily. Not only does this dog need a lot of exercise, it needs to keep occupied. Aussies are excellent companions for people that are very active, particularly in outdoor activities.



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