Belgium Immigrants in America

This look up offer was sent from Georges Picavet from Belguim.

Good evening!

I am writing to you from Belgium, Europe

Since April 1994, I am doing research on the emigrants from the Waasland, an area in Flanders, Belgium, west of Antwerp, to the United States and Canada between 1830 - 1950. En route I am also helping out any other Belgian descendant in North America looking for her/his Roots here.

At present I have identified some 2,500 emigrants from the Waasland, but I have information on tens of thousands of Belgian emigrants. My web site at contains much more information, including:

Please do contact me if you are a Belgian descendant or if you know of Belgian immigrants or their descendants in your area. I do need any help I can get!

Georges Picavet
in the Waasland, the land of Reynard the Fox

Doorn 9
BEL-9150 Kruibeke
Contact Georges at: